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Cyprus, District Paphos

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Paphos Highway strip Revised 9 Mar 2012


Mandria Highway strip


runway: 12/30 - 2400x00m - Asphalt

Mandria Highway strip (possibly called the Paphos Highway strip) is an emergency airfield in Cyprus

The airfield was built after the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey in 1974, when the country was effectively left without a major airfield.

To prevent such an event from ever happening again, the Cyprus government not only built two new international airfields (and a national airfield), but also some runways intended for emergency use (i.e. war).

The Mandria Highway strip is located about 6 kilometers (midpoint-to-midpoint) east of Paphos International Airport/Papandreou AFB.

It probably serves as a 'third runway' for Paphos/Papandreou AFB (which itself already has an unofficial secondary runway built into its taxitrack).

No photos of the airstrip while in use have been located

The airstip is orientated NE-SE and has two aircraft parkings on both ends.

Those on the south lane are slightly offset to the southeast.

Additionally a carpark (petrol station?) is found on both lanes at the southeast side large enough to handle fighter jets.

A weak point in the runway is the brigde over a dry river bed in the center of the runway.

This might indicate the airfield cannot handle aircraft above the size of an F-16 fighter jet.

I have not found any references to the airfield ever having been used.

Mandria Highway strip in 2006 (Google Earth)

In 2007 some access roads were added, one to the northern car parking and one (not visible) slightly east of the southeasternmost aircraft parking (Google Earth)


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